Spirit-Controlled Temperament - Tim LaHaye

If you've been having a struggle controlling your temper as a Christian, Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye is just the perfect read for you. 

Spirit-Controlled Temperament - Tim LaHaye

Tim LaHaye, founder of Tim LaHaye Ministries and The PreTrib Research Cente, takes us on this powerful adventure to uncover biblical truths and secrets on how a Christian can go about managing their temper. 

It is true that no Christian becomes perfect immediately when they get saved, it takes time and the transformation of the Word and the Holy Spirit for us to get conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. 

We all have different weaknesses as Christians, and one of them may be that we easily irritated. The Bible says that God is slow to anger (Psalms 145:8-9), and as His own, we should be like Him. 

In Spirit-Controlled Temperament, Tim LaHaye provides us with answers grounded in the Word of God, making this a classic read for all Christians. 

Spirit-Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye is available in;

  • Kindle and
  • Paperback

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