Delighting in God - A. W. Tozer - Paperback

Looking to read an enlightening Christian book about God? Delighting in God from A. W. Tozer is here to answer your many questions about God's existence.

It is God's responsibility to save us, it is our responsibility to get to know and worship Him. A. W. Tozer brings us powerful revelations on getting to know God his book titled, "Delighting In God". 

Delighting in God - A. W. Tozer - Paperback

It is one thing to believe in God's existence, it is another to experience His Presence. Delighting in God by A. W. Tozer seeks to usher us into that intimate walk with God. 

In this book, A. W. Tozer goes on to demonstrate how the attributes of God (as revealed to us in the holy scriptures) constitute a way to understand the Christian life of worship and service. 

God doesn't save us so that we go about our own businesses on earth, while anticipating eternity. We exist to serve and adore Him. That starts with acknowledging who God is, which is the very essence of our faith as Christians, and the source of our fulfilment, joy and comfort. 

People have many questions about life. One of such questions being about their identity and purpose on earth. To understand who we are, we need to first of all understand who God is. It is when we fully grasp who we are that we can become all that God destined us to be. 

Delighting in God by A. W. Tozer is available in;

  • Kindle
  • Hardcover
  • Paperback

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